Week 190 – She lost sight of him

She couldn’t breathe.

She couldn’t see.

She was surrounded by water and it was soon going to become her grave if she couldn’t get back to the surface.

The hand on her ankle continued to pull her down, further away from safety, further down to the depths of the lake.

Elle fought against the hold, she kicked and thrashed, pulled her arms through the water as she tried to get her bearings and get back to the surface, she wanted out of the lake now.

Forcing herself to go against her instincts she went still, stopped fighting, tried to figure out where her attacker was and how best to get rid of him. Focusing on the hand this time when she lashed out with her free foot she connected with something and the grip loosened.

Taking advantage she began to swim, deprived of oxygen for too long her limbs were sluggish and she struggled to put any distance between them. Where was he? Or she?


Was that a figure?

She lost sight of him as she neared the surface. When she broke through she gasped and spluttered, sucking in precious breaths of air.

As soon as she could Elle was swimming for the shore. She was almost there when arms wrapped around her chest and she was pulled under again.

This time the grip was like iron.

It wasn’t budging.

She wasn’t getting out of the water. She was going to die alone in the dark lake and no one was going to mourn her.

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