Week 189 – Scared

Why did he like to torture himself like this?

Jacob didn’t have an answer to that question, but here he was, on his stomach on the ground, rocks and sticks poking painfully into his ribs and abdomen, hot and irritated, with his eyes glued to the scope on his rifle through which he was watching Elle swimming in the lake.


Elle, Elle, Elle.

The woman drove him crazy but he loved her with every fibre of his being.

Which made what he’d had to do so much harder.

But when it all boiled down to it there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for Elle, even if it shredded him … and her … at least she would still be alive, and that was what was important.

She looked so peaceful down there, floating on her back in the water. What he wouldn’t do to go down there, strip that swimsuit off her, kiss those plump lips of hers until the rest of the world floated away, then carry her to the cabin and make love to her until they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Jacob may very well have thrown his plan into the wind and gone down there and done just that when Elle suddenly disappeared beneath the water. What was she doing? Was she swimming again? No, she didn’t like to have her head completely under the water, it was one of her many quirks, when she swam she always kept her head up, it made her look awkward but oddly cute.

She started thrashing in the water and that was when he saw it.

There was someone else down there in the lake.

And that someone was trying to kill Elle.

Scared, Jacob jumped to his feet and started running, praying he got there in time.

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