Week 192 – Empty handed, empty headed, empty hearted

“I am not your girl,” Elle said through gritted teeth. Her memory was a little hazy on what had just happened and her chest felt like someone had smashed it with a rock but she knew one thing for certain, she HATED Jacob Keaton with every fiber of being.

Sadness washed over his handsome features and guilt gnawed at her but she shoved it away. He was the one who had had the affair not her, she had nothing to feel guilty about.

“Yeah, I know,” he said softly, smoothing a hand over her hair. “Come on I better get you inside.”

When he moved to pick her up she shoved him away. “I don’t need your help,” she said, wincing when pain stabbed through her chest when she tried to move.

“Yeah, sweetness, you kinda do. I just did CPR on you, Elle, might have cracked a couple of your ribs.” His hand brushed lightly across her chest and she cursed her body when a flash of desire shot through her.

“CPR?” she asked. What had gone on here tonight? “And why are you here? I thought you left town.”

“You told me to leave town, babe, I never agreed.”

“How did you know where I was?” Was he stalking her? Had she ever really known the real Jacob Keaton?

“I’d rather have this conversation inside.” Jacob was looking around like he expected someone to jump out and grab them, and just like that her memory came back.

“Someone tried to drown me,” she whispered, no longer upset that Jacob was here, he’d protect her, not her heart but he’d never let anyone hurt her physically.

“They didn’t just try, babe, they succeeded.” Jacob picked her up and began to walk with her towards the cabin.

“You know who it was,” she accused. The tightening of his jaw told her she was correct. Empty handed, empty headed, empty hearted, that was how he’d left her last time, why did it feel like this time he was going to leave her in worse shape?

Inside the cabin Jacob set her on the couch, closed all the blinds, and turned off all the lights bar a small flashlight he must have brought with him. He returned to the couch, knelt beside her, and for the first time since she’d met him he appeared nervous.

Jacob was never nervous.

Jacob was never nervous.

Something was wrong.

“Tell me,” she bit out.

“I lied.”

“I know,” she growled.

“No, not how you think. There was no affair, Elle, I’ve been working undercover, things got out of control, my cover got blown, you were in danger if I didn’t break it off with you. I’m so sorry, Elle, I never wanted to hurt you, I love you.”

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