Week 193 – He must think I’m a fool

Elle just stared at him.

Her face clearly screamed ‘he must think I’m a fool’. While she had every reason not to believe a word that came out of his mouth it still hurt. He’d thought he was protecting her by walking away but instead all he’d done was leave her vulnerable and she’d nearly paid the ultimate price. It was clear that the MC club he’d been undercover in already knew about Elle which meant that he would be sticking close to her until this situation was under control whether she liked it or not.

And from the look on her face she wouldn’t like it.

“There was no affair?” Elle asked.


“Then who was the woman?”

“A colleague.”

“You never told me you worked undercover.” Her voice was angry but her pretty green eyes betrayed the pain she felt and he knew the anger was a front to try to hide her true feelings.

“I didn’t want you to get hurt.”

“That worked out well,” she muttered. When he opened his mouth to apologise she waved him quiet with a flick of her hand. “Tell me what’s going on. Someone just tried to kill me I deserve to know why.” She jutted her chin out, daring him defy her.

Jacob sighed knowing that there was no way to avoid telling her everything. “I’d worked undercover before we met, this was the same MC club that’d I’d been in before, we made up the cover that I had been in prison and I eased straight back in. They dealt drugs, guns, women, typical stuff and they were suspected in the murder of two judges and their families. One of the judges granddaughters were caught up in the attack, they were only three and five, they were both suffocated.”

Elle gasped, her hand flying to her mouth, tears shimmering in her eyes. “They asked you because you’d been in the club before?”

“Yes, we thought it would save some time.”

“They found out you were a cop?”

“Yes, we think we have a mole in the department.”

“And thats why you pretended you were having an affair, so I would break up with you and this MC club wouldn’t find out about me?”

“Yes.” Jacob crossed the cabin and dropped to his knees beside he couch. He reached out his hands, wanting to touch her, needing to touch her, but she was looking at him impassively, refusing to let on what was running through that pretty blonde head of hers. His stomach did a slow flop at the idea that he might have lost her for good. He’d always intended to hunt her down once this case was closed, tell her everything, and beggar forgiveness. “I’m so sorry I hurt you, sweetheart, I didn’t want to, it killed me letting you walk away but I didn’t see any other option. I love you, Elle, you’re my heart and my soul, and now that you know the truth I want you back. Can you forgive me for lying, Elle?”

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