Week 194 – How can I ever trust you when I don’t know you

That was the million dollar question wasn’t it. Could she trust Jacob?

Her heart wanted to scream at her that of course she could she loved him and he’d just told her that he still loved her.

But love and trust were two different things.

Jacob knew that trusting a man was hard for her, her father had walked out on her and her mom when she was seven and her mom had a bad habit of picking men who cheated on her. Jacob had known that that particular ruse would cut her deeply, open old wounds, but he’d done it because it served his purposes.

He hadn’t put her first just like none the men her mom had dated had ever put her first.

He had chosen his job over her.

As much as she longed to lean into his embrace and let his hold make everything better but the same thought kept running through her mind. How can I ever trust you when I don’t know you?

“I need to change out of these wet clothes,” she said, manoeuvring around Jacob as she struggled to her feet.

He nodded, resigned to the fact that he had lost her and he had. Right? She was so confused, and her chest hurt, and she was chilled to the bone, it was too hard to think right now.

Elle crossed the cabin to the bedroom door but then paused with her hand on the doorknob. “I love you, Jacob, I just don’t know if I can ever trust you again.”

Inside her bedroom she dropped onto the bed, covered her face with her hands and began to cry. The sobs tore at her aching chest, and she knew that Jacob would hear her, but she couldn’t stop. She hadn’t cried over him when she’d learned he was a cheater and it made no sense that she should cry now but she couldn’t seem to stop.

She shrieked when hands grabbed her, dragging her up. When her gaze fell on Jacob she frowned. “What are you doing?”

“We have to leave.” He was already pulling her towards the window.

“I haven’t changed yet,” she protested, trying to pull free from his grip.

“No time for that now, sorry, sweetheart, we got company coming.”

“Company? The MC club?”

“Yep, here to make sure the man they sent finished the job, when they find you’re still alive they wont be happy.”

“So what are we going to do?” The cabin was secluded, that was why she had decided to come up here, how many men were here? Were they surrounded?

“We’re going to go out the window and pray we get enough of a head start.”

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