Week 198 – She slipped

Bullets started pinging into the branches where she and Jacob were hiding.

The men knew they were here.

They were firing at them.

How were she and Jacob going to get out of this?

Although she was angry with him for all his lies that didn’t mean she didn’t love him, and Elle wanted a chance to at least see if they could work things out.

“Jacob,” she whimpered turning terrified eyes in his direction. He’d moved closer, cocooned her body inside a protective shell, his own body, he was putting her life before his own.

“Its okay, sweetheart, I won’t let them get you,” he whispered, then brushed his lips across hers.

“Jacob, don’t …”

Her protest that he not do anything stupidly heroic was cut off when he grunted and then he was falling.

He’d been hit.

Elle didn’t even think, she just grabbed for him, then she slipped and they were both falling.

She hit the ground with a painful thud, pain slicing through her arm as she landed awkwardly on it.

Three men stood above them.

Jacob wasn’t moving.

One of the men reached for her and she didn’t even think she just swung a fist at him, determined to do anything she could to protect herself and Jacob no matter that the odds were against them.

A bullet fired.

Pain burned in her shoulder.

“Nice try, sweetheart,” a voice said as someone leaned in close, his hot, smoky breath against her skin turned her stomach. “She’s hotter up close,” he said to his friends. “The boss is going to love her.” Then he slammed the butt into the side of her head and she was tossed into oblivion.

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