Week 199 – Jacob stirred just in time to hear shots fired but where from

Jacob stirred just in time to hear shots fired but where from he had no idea.

He tried to turn his head.

Tried to get his body to obey his commands.

Tried to cling to consciousness.

But he failed.

Failed himself and Elle.

The darkness closed in on him again and the world faded away.

“Jacob. Jacob.” The voice hissing his name was getting progressively urgent and he forced himself to grab hold of it and let it guide him out of the emptiness where he had been trapped.


It was her voice.

“Jacob,” she whispered again. “Hurry up and wake up, you weren’t the only one who got shot you know.”

Those words were enough to haves eyes snapping open. They were still in the woods, he and Elle were side by side, propped up against a tree trunk. Voice were nearby so the men who had been hunting them were obviously still around.

His side throbbed badly, and his t-shirt was wet and sticky with his blood, and when he blinked to clear his vision he saw blood streaking Elle’s pale face.

“About time you woke up,” she snapped. “I said we should face this as a team not for me to do it alone while you napped.”

Her words shocked a huffed chuckle out of him but then his eyes narrowed. “You said you’d been shot.”

“I tried to grab you when you fell out of the tree, I fell too, broke my arm when we landed, then when I tried to hit one of them they shot me in the shoulder then knocked me out. Between my head, my arm and shoulder, and my chest from earlier I can honestly say I haven’t been in this much pain in my life, but I got what you needed.”

His head was still a little fuzzy from blood loss so he asked, “What I needed?”

“Proof they killed the judges and their families. They bragged about it to me, how they gang raped the judges wives then made them clean themselves before slitting their necks, how they tied the judges to chairs and made them watch, they weren’t expecting the granddaughters, smothered them with their own pillows. Monsters,” she growled. “Thats what happened right?”

She was right, which meant she could testify against the MC club. Which would put Elle in even more danger the she was already in. They could lie, say he was the one who heard their confessions, but he had a feeling Elle wouldn’t go for that.

“I’ve still got the gun you gave me, Jacob,” Elle whispered urgently. “They didn’t think to check if I was armed, but they tied my hands behind my back so I can’t use it. They didn’t tie you up because you were unconscious, you can get it, its in my waistband. Shoot them, Jacob, while their guard is down because they think you’re still out.”

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