Week 202 – We should talk

She should be happy.

The case was over, they’d gotten the guilty verdict they wanted, but Elle had never felt more empty in her life. For her this wasn’t over, never would be, she still had a target on her back which meant she was going to have to leave.

She couldn’t do that until …

The doorbell rang and she jumped nearly a foot in the air. For some reason this was more terrifying than facing down the MC club.

Because she knew answering the door was out of the question, she was still in protective custody before she joined the witness protection program, so she sat where she was a fiddled with the hem of her dress.

The door to her room opened.

Jacob stood there.

She stared at him, unsure what to do or what to say. These last fourteen months without him had been Hell. She had missed him every day, raged at him in her head for getting her mixed up in this mess, and dreamed about what she would say when she finally saw him.

Now the moment had arrived she appeared to have been rendered speechless.

Neither of them moved for what seemed like an eternity but then she finally found her voice. “We should talk.”

Jacob just nodded and followed her over to the two armchairs by the window and took the one she didn’t sit down in.

This one moment would decide her entire future.

Looking into Jacob’s eyes she knew there was only thing she could do.

Standing she straddled his thighs, planted her hands on his chest, and kissed him. “I love you, Jacob, these last months away from you made me realise that despite everything thats happened I love you and thats all that matters. I know its a lot to ask of you and I understand if you say no, but will you come with me? Will you start a new life with me someplace where no one will ever find us?”

Beneath her Jacob’s whole body shuddered and then his arms were coiled around her, bring her flush against him as his mouth crashed against hers, kissing her with all the desperation of a drowning man.

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