Week 201 – She had woken up to Jacob putting her in bed


After fourteen long months they finally had a guilty verdict against several members of the MC club.

Although Jacob was glad it was bittersweet, because eighteen months was exactly how long it had been since he had last seen Elle.

Not by choice, at least not by his choice, since he hadn’t seen Elle he couldn’t speak for what she wanted.

After he’d shot their would be abductors, Jacob had carried Elle in his arms back to the cabin and called in the cavalry. She had woken up to Jacob putting her in bed but had promptly passed out again and then his colleagues had arrived, they’d both been taken to the hospital, and while he was in surgery having the bullet removed Elle had been whisked away and placed in protective custody.

He had pleaded until he was blue in the face to be taken to her but been denied over and over again. Elle was the only one who could testify against the MC club they weren’t willing to risk her safety by telling him where she was.

But now the case was over and Jacob had no idea if that would change anything. She was still in danger, the entire club couldn’t be prosecuted for the crimes which meant that her only option might be witness protection.

Where did that leave him?

They hadn’t had a chance to discuss his lies and the danger it had placed her in. They hadn’t had a chance to see if they could move past it. He hadn’t had a chance to tell her again how much he loved her and beg her for forgiveness and a second chance.

“Detective Keaton?”

He turned when someone called this name. “Yes.”

“She asked me to give this to you,” the young man said holding out an envelope.

“Who did?”


Jacob took the envelope with shaking hands almost dreading opening it. What did she want to tell him? That she loved him and wanted him to come to her, or that she couldn’t forgive him and it was over?

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