Week 211 – She tried to calm her breathing

Her head slammed painfully into the side of the trunk as she was tossed inside.

She heard Walt scream her name in the second before the darkness closed in on her. Becca didn’t do so well in enclosed spaces, ever since the car accident that had changed her cousin where they had been trapped in the car, as it sat in the lake, slowly filling with water.

That same panic she’d felt that day coursed through her now.

She tried to calm her breathing, she wasn’t giving up, Walt would be looking for her and she knew he would find her. It was crazy they had only known each other for twenty-four hours and yet she trusted him with her life.

He would come and until he did she would stay alive.

Whoever had grabbed her hadn’t restrained her, just grabbed her and threw her in here before driving off, that was an advantage she couldn’t waste. She had to find the latch that would open the trunk, if she could get it open then she could jump.

That could be a suicide move but it was all she had right now.

Being jolted around made it difficult but it didn’t take her too long to locate what she was looking for. Becca knew she only had once chance at this, as soon as she pulled it and the trunk opened there would no doubt be an alert in the car telling the driver what had happened.

So it was open and jump.

No time to think about it or second guess herself.

“Please be looking for me, Walt,” she whispered, and then acted.

Her fingers curled around the latch, pulled it, and the trunk obediently opened. Becca shoved it up, took a quick glance around and noticed that they were outside of town, nothing but trees on all side. She’d hoped they’d be in the suburbs still, able to get to help, but beggars couldn’t be choosers, she could still hope to hide long enough for her abductor to give up and leave.

Sucking in a breath she did it, she jumped.

Becca felt like she hung in the air for a long moment before landing. Pain tore through her shoulder and left side as she hit the road hard.

It longer than it should have for her to stagger to her feet, clutching her left arm to her chest as she stumbled towards the trees. Becca knew that if she didn’t keep moving then she would die.

With that choice it was a no brainer.

Moving as fast as she could to put as much distance between herself and the road as she could it wasn’t long before she heard a voice.

The voice of her nightmares.

“Becca, I know you’re out there, you won’t get away from me, I’m too invested in this, and you know I always get what I want,” Benjy singsonged.

No way.

She had too much to live for to let her cousin get his hands on her. And shockingly enough that too much to live for included a certain grumpy homicide detective she prayed was going to find her in time.

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