Week 212 – Into the woods

She was gone.

Walt wanted to hit something but since that wasn’t conducive to finding Becca, and he only ever did things that were logical and sensible-except when it came to Becca it seemed-he refrained.

“Walt, we’ll find her, man,” Cooper said as he parked his car out the front of Becca’s brother’s house and came jogging over.

“We don’t even know who took her,” he reminded his partner.

“But you got part of the licence plate and we’re working on tracking the vehicle’s movements,” Cooper reminded him.

Didn’t seem like enough.

It had been at least twenty minutes since Becca’s abduction, that was plenty of time for her assailant to do whatever he wanted to her.

“You think it was Brody or Benjy?” Cooper asked.

“Could be, its dark and it happened so quickly,” he replied. Add to that that he’d been terrified as he watched the woman he … couldn’t get out of his mind, be kidnapped.

Cooper’s phone rang, and from the grin on his face it was good news. “Got a lead on the car, it was caught on CCTV cameras heading out of town.”

“Lets go.” Walt practically ran to Cooper’s car and jumped in, they couldn’t take his because his keys were lost in the burned house.

Fifteen minutes later they were on the outskirts of the city, and came across a car parked at the side of the road.

“Is that it?” Walt asked as they stopped behind it.

“Looks like it.”

They both got out and ran to the car, finding the trunk popped open and the front door flung open like the car had stopped all of a sudden. Had Becca …

“No, sweetheart, tell me you didn’t jump out of the moving car,” he murmured, she could have killed herself doing that, she definitely would have walked away injured, but the fact that neither Becca or her abductor were here meant she must have survived the fall.

Walt didn’t hesitate, he ran into the woods. If Becca was out here he’d find her.

Nothing else was acceptable.

Because he had to assume the kidnapper was out here too he couldn’t yell out Becca’s name, but if she was hurt he had to assume she couldn’t have gone far, and it didn’t take long before he spotted something huddled behind a tree.

Relief hit him hard as he ran to her, dropping to his knees at her side. “Its okay, sweetheart, its Walt,” he said as he reached for her.

Becca lifted her head, looking dazed and groggy, even in the dark he could see blood and dirt streaking her left side and the way she held her arm clutched to her chest, she was in a lot of pain.

“Walt,” she said softly, a smile on her face and she reached out with her good hand for him.

Something inside him settled, a peace that hit him should deep. What was it about this woman? Why did she get to him like this? He’d only known her twenty-four hours and yet she seemed as vital to his survival as breathing.

“I’m here,” he said, carefully pulling her to him. “Do you know who took you?”

“It was …”

She was cut off when someone started shooting at them, Cooper grunted and he heard his partner fall to the ground behind them, as he tackled Becca, covering her body with his own and trying to ignore her muffled scream of pain. He was reaching for his own weapon when pain exploded in his head and the world ceased to exist.

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