Week 214 – There in a heap on the floor lay

A man stood there smiling cheerfully at them, he’d just tossed a body on the floor, and Walt had to assume that the grinning man was Becca’s cousin Benjy and there in a heap on the floor lay her brother Brody.

At least that’s what he thought until Becca gasped.

“Brody?” she asked incredulously at the man smiling at them.

“What?” he asked sharply.

“But Benjy was the one who through me in the car, I heard his voice while I ran,” Becca stammered.

“I think in his own twisted way he was trying to save you,” Brody informed her.

“From you?” Becca asked, the pain evident in her tone cut through him. It looked like he had been right all along and Brody was the killer not Benjy, he felt no joy at being right, he’d do anything to spare Becca this betrayal by the brother she had defended.

Brody shrugged.

“Why?” the word was an agonised cry and Becca shuddered in his arms as she wept.

“I got sick of hearing about poor Benjy and his damaged brain, and perfect Becca who could do no wrong. Thought this was the perfect way to eliminate both of you.” The smile Brody shot them was borderline maniacal, the man was clearly unbalanced and Walt had no idea how he was going to get himself, Becca, and Benjy-if he was still alive-out of here.

“So you’re going to kill us?” Walt asked.

“Well I wasn’t planning on killing you or your partner but you got in the way, so yeah.” Brody shrugged again like the whole thing was boring him now. “Everyone thinks Benjy is the killer, they’ll assume he decided to go out in a blaze of glory taking the object of his obsession with him.” Brody held up a lighter and flicked it so a small flame flickered.

“No, Brody, please,” Becca sobbed, shaking harder now.

“Tears aren’t going to change anything, Bec,” Brody said. “And I gotta go, unfortunately I’m going to be the only one who managed to escape this tragic event.” The crazy man slammed a hand into his own face, breaking his nose if the blood that started to flow from it was any indication. Then he slammed himself into the wall a few times and ripped at his clothes.

While Brody was preoccupied Walt started inching backwards, heading away from Becca’s brother and hoping there was another way out.

“There’s nowhere to go, Detective,” Brody announced. “But you’re welcome to try. Better be quick though.” He flicked the lighter again then gave them a little wave. “So long, sis, hope the smoke takes you out before the flames get you.” A glimmer of regret crossed his features but he quickly wiped it away and walked to the door, lighting a rag and tossing it onto the ground.

Brody had obviously doused the place in an accelerant because flames immediately sprung to live.

And Walt had no idea how to get himself and Becca out of here alive.

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