Week 215 – The door opened

Becca could feel the heat of the flames, hear their crackle, but she felt like she was a million miles away.

Brody’s betrayal cut deep.

How could her brother do this? Murder people, kidnap her, and now he intended to kill her, Walt and Benjy too.

Walt was moving, walking around the warehouse, she assumed trying to find a way out, but right now Becca felt like the fight had drained out of her.

As though sensing that, Walt stopped and jostled her carefully. “Hang in there, Becca,” he ordered.

She was trying, but her strength was fading. Her mental strength as well as her physical strength. Too much had happened too quickly and she was struggling to process it all.

“I’m just going to put you down, I found a door,” Walt said as he carefully set her on the floor. Even though he was gentle she cried out as pain shot through her injured shoulder.

Walt muttered an apology but hurried away where he picked up something and began to hammer at the wall. No, not the wall, a door.

The world faded around her as the smoke got into her lungs, each cough making arrows of pain shoot down her arm. Becca feared she was about to pass out but then she felt a waft of fresh air, as Walt was able to get the door opened.

“Come on,” he said, snatching her up and carrying her out of the burning building. He set her down and immediately turned around.

“What are you doing?” she croaked, catching his hand.

“Getting your cousin,” he replied.

Before she could tell him not to risk his life, Benjy was probably already dead, he had leaned down, kissed her, then run back into the warehouse that was almost consumed with flames.

She had to do something, had to help him somehow. Becca clutched her bad arm to her chest and somehow managed to get onto her feet. She had to find help, a road, a car, a house, anywhere with people so they could call 911.

Becca hadn’t gone far when a huge explosion behind her knocked her down.

The warehouse had just blown up.

With Walt inside.

Raw grief had her giving in when blackness curled around her and she slipped into unconsciousness.

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