Week 217 – Together forever

Fuzzy from surgery and the drugs, Becca yawned, blinked open her eyes and looked around her hospital room.

Her gaze settled on the large man in the room’s only chair. His dark hair was mussed, his clothes rumbled, the wound on his head had been tended to some time after she’d been taken into surgery, and although he looked ridiculously uncomfortable he was fast asleep.

Walt had saved her life.

He’d gotten her out of the burning house, he’d gone after her when Benjy took her, he’d found a way out of the burning warehouse, if it wasn’t for him she’d be dead several times over.

It was crazy, totally unlike her, but she had feelings for him.

She shouldn’t. She’d only known him a couple of days and yet he meant … a lot to her.

So much that she was thinking about the future, dreaming about them being together forever, but that was stupid.


“You’re awake.”

Becca blinked to see that Walt had woken up, and was standing and stalking across the small room towards her bed. “Umm … yeah,” she said, suddenly tongue-tied.

“How are you feeling?”

“Like I just had major surgery on my shattered shoulder and am facing months of therapy, and like I have three cracked ribs. How are you?”

His gray eyes widened as though he hadn’t expected her to care enough to ask about him. “I’m fine. Coop will be okay too.”

Relief washed through her, she’d thought Walt’s partner was dead. “Thats good. So what happens now?”

“I have to go to the station, paperwork, and then I want to stop in and see Cooper.”

“And … uh … are you coming back?” Becca asked, feeling uncharacteristically vulnerable.

Walt froze. “Do you want me to come back?”

She almost laughed at the startled look on his face. As much as she felt out of her depth here because of the strength of her feelings for a man she’d just met, Walt looked a millions times more more unsure. “Yes, I want you to come back.”

A smile lit his face, a real, genuine smile, and she her eyes widened, if she’d thought Walt was handsome when he was all gruff and growly it was nothing compared to this.

“Then I’ll be back tonight. You get some rest.” He leaned down, hesitated for barely a second before kissing her and then heading out the door.

As exhaustion and the drugs still pumping through her IV tugged her into slumberland, Becca fell asleep with a smile on her face.

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