Week 216 – Becca waking up groggily. Walt, Benjy, are you all right?

The force of the explosion threw him to the ground, and he covered Benjy’s body with his own to protect him from flying debris. Becca’s cousin was still alive although he was obviously in bad shape.


He had to get to her.

Walt wasn’t used to this sort of all consuming fear for another person. He’d always been a lone wolf, he respected and trusted his partner, but what he felt for transcended anything he had ever experienced.

Dragging Benjy further away from what was left of the warehouse, he scanned the area searching for Becca.

Where was she?

Was Brody still hanging around? Had he gotten his hands on Becca again? He hadn’t wanted to leave her alone and unprotected but he’d had to go back for her cousin in case Benjy was still alive. If it had come down to it, whether it made him cold or not, he would have traded Benjy’s life for Becca’s.


He spotted her further away from where he’d left her. The crazy woman must have gotten up and tried to find help instead of resting, which was what she needed, he knew she was in excruciating pain.

Walt ran to her and dropped to his knees at her side in time to see Becca waking up groggily.

“Walt, Benjy, are you all right?” she mumbled when she saw him looming over her.

“We’re both alright,” he assured her. The he heard the most wonderful sound. Sirens. The fire must have caught someone’s attention and it had been called in. They were safe now if cops and fire fighters were descending on the scene.

Safe for now.

Brody was still out there.

Which meant Becca was still in danger.

As carefully as he could he reached out to the woman who made him feel all messed up inside and eased her into his arms, holding her as tightly as he dared without causing her further pain.

In a very uncharacteristic move he pressed a kiss to her temple. “I’ve got you, sweetheart, I won’t let anyone hurt you again.” That was a vow he intended to keep.

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