Week 222 – So what exactly happened

“So what exactly happened?”

Cooper looked up at his partner Walt and Walt’s girlfriend Becca entered the interview room. It was the first time he’d found himself in one but on the other side of the law. Although between himself and his partner he was the friendly one, the cheerful one, the one who made jokes and put people at ease. Today though he was feeling a little depleted in the good mood department.

Walt, who used to be the very definition of gruff, grumpy, and unapproachable, hadn’t been able to stop smiling since he met Becca almost three months ago. Cooper was happy for him, for both of them, but seeing the pair so happy and in love made him miss his wife. She’d been gone four years now but the pain hadn’t lessened.

“Found a dead body in the haunted house,” he replied, pasting on a smile he didn’t feel.

“Only you could go to a haunted house and wind up being questioned about a dead body,” Walt said, clearly amused.

“Do they really think you killed that woman?” Becca asked, looking more sympathetic than her man.

Cooper held up his uncuffed hands. “If they did I’d be getting booked right about now.” It had taken several hours but at least he seemed to have convinced the cops it was simply a case of him being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Ready to get out of here?” Walt asked.

“Thought you’d never ask. And thanks for hanging around guys.”

“Of course,” Becca said, sliding an arm around his waist. “Want to stop somewhere for a late dinner on the way?”

“Raincheck, sweetheart, I just want to go home, shower, and fall into bed.”

“What did I say about calling my girlfriend sweetheart?” Walt grumbled, pulling Becca into his arms and kissing her.

Coop smiled at them both, a flash of the pretty blonde with the huge green eyes caught him off guard. Sarah. The stunning but terrified woman from the haunted house. Why was he thinking of her? Fate had thrown them together tonight, but he’d never see her again.

That shouldn’t leave him feeling lost and yet it did.

For four long years he hadn’t been ready to date, hadn’t looked at a woman past a casual fling, but Sarah … she sparked something in him he thought had died along with his wife.

Shaking off the odd feeling Cooper focused on his friends. Pretty Sarah wasn’t going to make a reappearance in his life, so why did he feel like fate wasn’t finished with the two of them yet?

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