Week 223 – Fate intervened again

Sarah paid the cab driver, then climbed out and closed the door behind her. As the car drove off into the night, she stood on the sidewalk staring at her house

She knew she should go inside, but something was stopping her.

It had been a long night, she’d spent hours at the police station being interviewed, Camryn had hooked up with a guy and refused to come pick her up, she’d had to take a cab home, and she couldn’t stop thinking about the sexy cop.

She never did more than daydream about guys she found attractive, she was way too shy and self conscious and men picked up on that and avoided her like the plague. It was no different with Cooper, she’d never see him again, never run her fingers through his brown locks as he kissed her, never stare deeply into his soulful brown eyes, never make love to him. Not that she’d do any of those things if she did see him again either.

With a sigh she trudged up the brick path leading to the porch, rummaging through her bag for her key. As soon as she stepped inside Sarah knew something was wrong.

It was cold.

She hated being cold, left the heater on from beginning of October through to the end of April and didn’t regret it one bit when she got her electricity bill. But it felt now like she was stepping into a freezer.

Uneasy, she walked through the house, stopping dead in her tracks when she entered her kitchen.

The back door was open.

Sarah was spinning around to flee when a huge figure dressed all in black burst out of her laundry room and came running straight for her.

She screamed and turned, running up the stairs. She knew she should head for the front door but she got scared in her house alone at night and her bedroom door had five locks on it. If she could get in there then she’d be safe and she could call for help.

There weren’t a lot of things she was good at, but she could run and she was fast. Sarah darted up the stairs, taking them two at a time, veered down the hall and reached the open door at the end of it. Just as she slammed it closed and slid the first lock into place she heard her would be attacker slam into the door.

With shaking hands she closed the other four locks then retreated to her enormous canopy bed, curling up in the middle of it. As she pulled out her phone to call for help it seemed like fate intervened again and she’d get one more chance to see her sexy cop.

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