Week 227 – It felt like they’d hit concrete

Sarah screamed as the far flew through the air. 

It seemed to take forever for the inevitable impact to come.

When they finally collided with the river it felt like they’d hit concrete.

The pain was so jarring that for a second Sarah could think of nothing else. Her entire body throbbed, breathing hurt, her head pounded, and the ends of her vision grayed. 

This was how she was going to die. 

Actually, she was surprised she had survived the impact, she and Cooper really ought to be dead right now. 


Groggily she fought through the fog of pain, she had to find out if he was okay.

By the time her brain had figured out how to function again, Sarah found herself already being dragged from the car. 

“Cooper?” she murmured weakly. 

“Hold on, darlin, we have to get out of the car before it becomes out tomb. The water is going to be freezing and the current will be strong, all I need you to do is hold on to me and don’t let go.”

Sarah blinked, willing her body and brain to cooperate and follow Cooper’s instructions. It was clear he was in better shape than she was because he’d gotten them both unbuckled, his arm around her chest, and hauled her across so she was practically in his lap. 

He’d done the hard work all she had to was hold on. She could do that, she wasn’t going to let him down. 

“Her we go,” Cooper said, and a moment later water that felt like ice was rushing over them. 

Her entire body seized at the sudden cold, and if it wasn’t for Cooper pulling her out along with him she wouldn’t have gotten out of that car.

It was dark, the water raged around them, she was cold and hurt, and terrified out of her mind. But Cooper seemed to have everything under control. He was swimming them steadily towards what she assumed was the bank. 

Just as Sarah started to believe that everything was going to be okay, the current yanked her out of Cooper’s grip and washed her away.

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