Week 226 – Someone jumped up from the backseat

“What was that?” Sarah gasped beside him like someone jumped up from the backseat.

“Someone’s following us,” Cooper replied, “trying to take us out.”

“Take us out? Why?”

“That, darlin, I don’t know, but I can tell you one thing.”


“I’d love to find out.” It felt like somebody was targeting him, the body at the haunted house, the break in at Sarah’s, now someone running him off the road. Someone wanted something from him, but he had no idea who or what they wanted.

The car behind them slammed into them again, and he tried to figure out a plan.

“What should I do?” Sarah asked.

That made him smile. She might describe herself as a scaredy cat but she’d protected herself from the intruder in her house, and now here she was offering to do what he needed to help get them out of this situation.

“Ever fired a gun?”

“N-no,” she stammered.

“Point and pull the trigger,” he explained, she probably wouldn’t hit anything but she could at least distract the driver enough that they could hopefully get away. “Call 911 first,” he said handing over his phone and weapon. “They’ll be able to trace us so leave the call connected but put the phone back down and take the gun.”

Sarah did as he’d asked, she called 911, put the phone down in the center console, then took the gun and twisted in her seat. “Should I fire it?”

“Yes, put the window down and just shoot at the car, aim for the tires.”

Again she did as he asked, opening the window, aiming the weapon, firing it at the other car.

It didn’t seem to slow it down.

The car came at them again.

Hitting them harder this time and the gun flew from Sarah’s hands, falling out the window.

Another hit sent the careening towards the edge of the bridge.

They were going to go over.

Cooper fought the car, almost had it straightening but another ram from the car behind them had them crashing through the guardrail.

For a moment they seemed to hover in the air.

Then they were falling.

Sarah screamed.

And then they hit the river.

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