Week 231 – Dazed and confused




Dazed and confused, Sarah lifted her head, wincing at the resulting stab of pain bouncing around inside her skull.

What had happened?

Flames danced around her, pieces of burning debris lay scattered about, and she could see bodies.

Fear for Cooper surged through her, giving Sarah the strength to stagger to her feet. She hurt all over, she could feel wet blood coating her skin, and she was sure she was covered in bruises, but she had to get to him.

“Cooper?” she called out.

There was no answer.

She headed for the nearest body, but when she knelt beside it and rolled it over she found it was Cooper’s partner Walt. She touched his neck, saw he was still breathing, and quickly checked him for major injuries. Seeing nothing immediately life threatening Sarah spun in a circle looking for another body.

Spotting feet sticking out from under a piece of wood she headed there next but when she shoved the piece of the destroyed cabin aside she found Walt’s girlfriend Becca. Again she checked to make sure the woman was alive and not in need of immediate first aid, then she stood and surveyed the scene.

Where was Cooper?

Was he dead?

The sound of a car drew her attention and she turned to see a large black SUV driving towards them.

Relief made her weak but she managed to stagger towards it.

“Help,” she screamed, “we need help. Please,” the last came out as a desperate sob.

The car stopped and as she approached she saw a man dressed all in black step out.

A warning swirled in her stomach too late.

Still the gunshot caught her surprise.

As did the searing pain in her leg.

She swayed then hit the ground hard.

The man came towards her, she tried to get back on her feet but darkness was closing in on her.

Soon it consumed her.

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