Week 232 – She woke to another gunshot being fired

His body hit something hard.

The jolt of pain jarred him out of unconsciousness, and he lifted his head and looked around him. Cooper felt groggy, his head was spinning, and his body wouldn’t cooperate properly.

He was in a what looked like the back of a van, the light was dull but he could make out three bodies lying beside him.

Sarah, Walt, and Becca.

His wrists were bound behind his back and his ankles were tied together but he was able to wriggle across the space until he was beside Sarah’s too still body.

“Sarah,” he called nudging her but she didn’t stir.


While keep his body in contact with Sarah’s he looked over at his partner. “Walt? You okay?”

“Yeah. You?”

“Sore but alive.” Given that they could have been inside the cabin when it exploded instead of beside it they were all lucky to be alive.

“Becca?” Walt called, and he moved across the van in the same awkward manner Cooper had given that he too was bound. “Becca, answer me.”

“Walt?” came the groggy reply.

“Are you okay?” Walt demanded, fear evident in his voice.

“I think so,” Becca replied.

They were all awake and appeared to be okay, although he knew his body was covered in cuts and bruises, he was sure the others were too, all except for Sarah.

“Something’s wrong with Sarah,” he said as he gently jostled again, trying to invoke a response of some sort. As he moved closer to try to brace her body with his own to protect her when the vehicle started moving he felt something wet soaking into his clothes.


She was soaked in it.

Leaning over he found the source of her bleeding and his heart felt like it stopped beating.

“She’s been shot,” he told the others.

“Breathing?” Walt asked.

Cooper leaned down so his cheek was above her mouth. “Yeah. I’m sorry, you’re all in this mess because of me.”

“Not your fault someone is targeting you,” Becca reminded him.

Maybe so, but the facts were his partner, his partner’s girlfriend, and the woman he was attracted to were currently sitting tied up in the back of a van.

Three loud pops echoed outside.

He threw himself over Sarah, and she woke to another gunshot being fired. “Its okay,” he soothed, knowing it was anything but but wanting to keep her calm. Four people had just been killed and he still had no idea who was after him or why.

The van door opened and someone stepped up through it.

Cooper gasped when he saw who it was, Walt let out a muttered curse, and even Becca sucked in a shocked breath.

For a moment all Cooper could do was stare. This wasn’t possible. Why on earth would this man go to so much effort to try to destroy him?

A smirk lit his face and he took a step towards them. “Surprised to see me here?”

“I don’t understand,” Cooper replied.

His boss nodded, smirk still in place. “I know but you will.”

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