Week 234 – She got it!

“Sarah!” Cooper screamed as she wrapped her arms around Hunt’s neck and sent them both falling from the van.

Her cry of pain when they landed spurred him on and he managed to wrench his hands through the ropes Sarah had managed to loosen.

With a howl of anger at the man who he had always considered a friend, Coop threw himself out of the van.

Sarah and Hunt were wrestling on the ground, and his boss was getting the upper hand, pinning an injured Sarah beneath him.

Coop flew at them and slammed a fist into the side of Hunt’s head. After all the man had done to him and his friends the last couple of days it felt good to be the one inflicting pain for a chance. Although the single blow he delivered did little to soothe his raging fury.

The blow was enough to knock Hunt sideways and Sarah shuffled away on her backside.

His attention was fixated on his boss and he grabbed for him. Hunt was still functional and swung a fist at his head that Cooper only just managed to dodge before delivering another blow to Hunt’s stomach.

The two of them were tousling when suddenly Sarah’s weak voice ordered, “Stop.”

Both their attention swung to Sarah and Cooper mentally cheered when he saw she had the gun in her shaking hands, she got it! Now they had the upper hand.

“Its over, Hunt,” he said, breathing hard. “Why are you doing this?”

Arrows of hatred all but shot from his boss’ eyes. “You killed Kyla,” he snarled.


Cooper wracked his brain trying to think of who Kyla was. “The CI?” he asked. The only Kyla he could think of was a young informant he’d used to get a dangerous drug dealer behind bars, who had been tragically murdered when the gang found out she had snitched.

“My daughter,” Hunt spat.

“Daughter?” He’d had no idea the young drug addict had been his boss’ daughter. “Kyla made her own choices. She wanted to get clean, wanted to testify against her dealer. It was tragic that she died but I didn’t pressure her into doing anything she didn’t want to do.”

“She’s dead because of you.” Hunt pulled a knife from a sheath at his waist and lunged.

The gunshot caught both of them by surprise.

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