Week 235 – The shot went wide

The shot went wide, and Sarah cursed her body’s weakness as she swayed and went down hard.

Although she hadn’t shot Cooper’s boss she had stopped the man from stabbing him. Recovering quicker from her distraction than Hunt had, Cooper, swung a fist at his boss’ head, connecting with a crack she heard even from here, and the man dropped.

The world started to shimmer around the edges. Kind of going sparkly.

Could the world be sparkly?

Maybe they were snowflakes?

She was cold.

Through the haze she could see Cooper tying up his boss, and then he disappeared inside the van, a moment later three of him came out.


Not three of him.

It was him and his partner and his partner’s girlfriend.

“Sarah?” Cooper’s face was suddenly large in her vision, and she startled. It was like he had turned into a giant. “Hold on, darlin.”

He touched something to her stomach and pain flared inside her so badly that she cried out and tried to move away from it.

Strong hands held her down.

“I’m sorry, honey, but we have to try to stop the bleeding,” Cooper told her. “An ambulance is coming, you just hold on, okay?”

Hold on?

Was she dying?

The world was floaty, and she was cold, maybe she was dying.

“Hold on, Sarah.” Cooper’s eyes latched onto hers and held them in a vice grip she couldn’t, nor did she want to, break. “I owe you a date remember? I believe I gave you a little preview of what you could expect. Did you forget, darlin? Need a reminder?”

He leaned down and his lips feathered across hers. As darkness came crashing down around her Sarah clung to the feeling of the kiss.

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