Week 237 – Absolutely love it

“Wow,” Zara Wentworth said as she paid the cab driver and climbed out. She stared in awe at the enormous Tudor mansion. “Absolutely love it,” she exclaimed to herself. It was hard to believe she was going to be living here.

She approached the large gates but checked her watch before pressing the buzzer. When she’d applied for the job of housekeeper at this remote estate she had been at a loss for what to do with her life. A four year relationship ended when she found her fiancé cheating. Since they worked together and she couldn’t stomach seeing him every day she’d quit her job. Her family hadn’t been supportive, blaming her for putting her career before her fiancé, and Zara had needed to get away from everything and everyone.

What better way to do that than by spending the next year alone on this remote estate with no one but the owner.

All she knew about him was that his name was Adam Rittner, he was retired military, a billionaire, and that he had told her to arrive at exactly noon.

Zara watched the seconds tick by and when it was exactly noon she pressed the buzzer.

Immediately he was answered, and a deep, rich voice, spoke. “Yes?”

She shivered as the voice washed over her, making her go all delightfully tingly. Never before had a voice had such a powerful affect on her. “Its Zara Wentworth.”

There was no reply but a moment later the gate swung open.

Grabbing her suitcase, she rolled it along behind her and started walking down the long tree lined driveway. She hadn’t gone more than a few steps when the gate clanged closed behind her, with an almost ominous air.

All of a sudden she wondered whether coming all the way out here to live alone with a man she had never met didn’t seem like such a great idea. She hadn’t even told her family where she was going, other than to say she needed time and space.

Slower now she continued towards the house, she was probably just imagining the whole ominous air.

What could possibly go wrong out here? After all the man had a sexy voice, everything was going to be fine.

Just fine.

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