Week 238 – Is he hiding from someone?

What was he thinking?

No way he should have hired Zara Wentworth as his housekeeper. The woman was stunning, long silky black hair hung to her waist, large brown eyes framed by the longest lashes he’d ever seen, and soft white skin that would tempt any man.

This had bad idea written all over it.

He was a dangerous man, one not fit to be around, yes the estate was a lot to manage on his own but it wasn’t like anyone would be around to see the mess. He really only lived out of three rooms, and he could manage to keep those clean himself. He had nothing to do all day so he should be able to manage the gardens but he couldn’t face another day alone here in this huge house.

Not that Adam would admit he was lonely.

He watched the woman walk slowly down the driveway. There was a hesitancy about her that befitted the situation she had willingly walked into. It was too late for her to back out now, too late for him to back out as well.

With a groan he dragged himself out of his chair and made his way through to the foyer to greet his guest.

A woman.

A beautiful woman.

Staying here alone with him in the middle of nowhere.

The woman would have been better off if she’d never answered that ad.

The doorbell rang and he opened the door to see Zara’s wide brown eyes staring up at him. She had a ‘is he hiding from someone?’ look on her face but she pasted on a bright smile.

“Mr. Riitner?” she said, smile still in place.

Adam ignored her outstretched hand and gave a sharp nod. “Adam,” he said gruffly, he wasn’t used to talking to people anymore, it had been a long time since he had been in anyone’s company. “Make yourself at home, choose any bedroom you want as yours. Dinner is at seven, and there’s a list of your responsibilities on the kitchen table.”

Having said more in the last fifteen seconds than he had in the last few years, Adam turned abruptly and fled the room as quickly as he could. Back in his study he locked the door and leaned heavily against it, unsettled by his new houseguest.

Zara Wentworth was a beautiful woman but that was the problem.

He broke beautiful things.

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