Week 239 – That went well

Zara wandered around her bedroom. It was late, she’d chosen a room with a view of the woods that surrounded the house, then she’d given herself a tour of the house, from the looks of things Mr. Rittner didn’t use many of the rooms. Although she’d gone to the kitchen in time to read through the list of her responsibilities and to make dinner for seven he’d never shown up so she’d eaten alone then retired to her room. It had its own bathroom and she’d taken a long hot bath but instead of relaxing her it had only left her wired.

What was she doing here?

Running, escaping her life, yes, but was it worth it risking herself out here all alone with a man who terrified her?

Adam Rittner was a big man, tall, muscled, handsome. He had haunted blue eyes and thick blond hair, and a voice that sounded like sex.


She was attracted to him. She supposed she shouldn’t be surprised, he was a powerful man and most women’s dream, but it was the last thing she needed right now. Besides, Mr. Rittner didn’t seem like the kind of man who would welcome infatuation from an employee, he was obviously all alone out here for a reason.

Their first meeting, yeah, that went well. He could barely look at her, couldn’t get away from her fast enough. She might be lusting after him but she doubted he had given her a second thought.

Since Mr. Rittner had told her to make herself at home, Zara slipped on an oversized t-shirt and panties, she slept naked but she was pretty sure that Mr. Rittner didn’t want her feeling so at home she walked around his house naked.

Dressed she snuck out of her bedroom. Although this was her home for the next year she still felt odd sneaking about at midnight. She’d go to the kitchen, make some coffee, then maybe she’d eat it on the back terrace.

Zara was passing the door next to hers when a shadow suddenly lunged at her. A hand wrapped around her neck and she was thrown up against the wall so hard pain flared through her body.

Cold blue eyes stared at her in the moonlight.

Empty eyes.

Adam Rittner’s eyes.

Eyes of death.

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