Week 248 – The cabin in the woods

It had been slow going through the woods, Adam carried the pack with their belongings on his back, and Zara concentrated on walking as much as she could. When her leg gave out on her he would pick her up and carry for her a while, but she always insisted on being put back down after a while to walk on her own.

She was something else this woman. He no longer believed she had anything to do with them both nearly being shot and he was worried she was in as much trouble as he was.

Maybe more.

Adam found he didn’t like the idea of Zara in danger.

It made sense that Warrick might be smuggling drugs, but if Zara thought it she must have seen something, heard something, that tipped her off. And Warrick and Zara’s father knew it.

They walked in silence, but it wasn’t an uncomfortable one. He found he actually felt a measure of peace when he was around Zara. It was crazy but she seemed to possess the ability to still the raging storm of grief and guilt inside him.

When she stumbled, he reached out, grabbing her before she hit the ground, then scooped her up. Holding her in his arms felt natural.

Almost too natural.

“I’ll carry you for a bit,” he said.

“Sorry, I’m slowing you down.”

He smiled inspire of their situation. “You’ve said that every time I’ve carried you. I’m glad you’re here.”

“You are?” She sounded surprised by his admission, he was just as surprised. Not because it wasn’t true but because he’d told her.

“I am. Its always nice to have someone at your back.”

Zara smiled then rested her head on his shoulder. “I’m glad to have your back.”

They lapsed back into silence and an hour later they came upon the cabin in the woods.

Only it wasn’t empty.

Smoke was coming from the chimney and he saw badly hidden cars nearby.


“Adam, that’s my dad’s car,” Zara said anxiously. “And that’s Warrick’s. Why would they both be out here?”

Because this was supposed to be a trap. One they’d obviously thought he would walk unknowingly into.

But he was too smart for that.

He was going to set a trap of his own.

“Still trust me?” he asked Zara.

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