Week 249 – He sent her up to the door

This was the last thing Zara wanted to be doing but she trusted Adam and they had to do something otherwise neither one of them were ever going to be safe.

She resisted the urge to look back at him after he sent her up to the door, and instead focused on her part of the plan. Well she wasn’t exactly sure what Adam had planned, all he’d told her was to pretend like she was running away from him and get inside, then when he provided a distraction she had to find somewhere to hide.

Determined not to let Adam down, Zara drew on every acting skill she possessed, granted she wasn’t much of an actor, but it wasn’t hard to fake the fear she was feeling or the pain in her leg.

“Help, please help,” she screamed as she hobbled as fast as she could up the porch steps. She tried to make it sound like she was exhausted from running through the woods.

The door to the cabin was opened just as she managed to get up the final step and her father stood there.
“Zara?” He sounded surprised to see her, was it because he expected her to be dead already.

Pretending she didn’t know her father was mixed up in something bad, Zara launched at him and sobbed. “He’s coming after me.”

“Who is?”

“The man, Adam,” she wept, clinging to her father. “How did you know he was dangerous? How did you find me here? When Uncle Warrick came for me Adam shot him, he shot me too, but I got away.” She and Adam had decided it would be better for her to pretend that her father was trying to save her, if he didn’t think Zara was onto him then he would have no reason to hurt her before Adam could take him out. She wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to do but she knew he wanted answers about what had happened to his team, and then she hoped he would turn them into the cops.

“I knew what he did to his wife and daughter, I didn’t want anything to happen to happen to my sweet, but naive daughter,” her father said. The words were completely false, she knew that, Warrick had been aiming directly at her, she was supposed to die along with Adam, maybe they planned to set it up like a murder suicide, but her father was too smart to admit that. He would play her, try to figure out what she knew, before deciding what to do with her.

“Thank you, daddy. I’m so sorry I didn’t listen to you,” she cried. Of course she wasn’t, she was more convinced than ever ending things with her fiancĂ© and leaving the family business were the best decisions she had ever made.

“Come in, sit down, let me check out your leg.” Her father helped her hop inside and guided her to a chair. The cabin was small, just the one room, and she spotted four of her father’s men standing inside. They were all armed but at least for now no one was pointing any weapons at her.

There weren’t a lot of hiding places, but there was a small cupboard beneath the sink, if she could squeeze in there it might work.

No sooner had she dropped down into a chair when suddenly the lights in the cabin went out, almost immediately followed by a loud explosion.

The men shouted, Zara dropped to the floor and began to drag herself towards her hiding space.

She was halfway there when her father got hold of her and yanked her roughly to her feet. “I don’t think so, little girl,” her father sneered as he grabbed her and yanked her up against his chest, holding a knife to her neck. “I knew you were a traitor, you always did think you were better than your family.”

Her father’s men had all run out of the cabin and she had no doubt Adam would eliminate each one of them, but that still left her father and her as his human shield.

Looked like Adam would be walking into a trap after all.

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