Week 252 – Zara fought to stay awake

Their cockiness was their undoing.

Adam waited until the door closed behind Zara’s father and the one man who had remained behind with him before he cautiously got up.

They had been so sure that they’d eliminated him as a threat that nobody had bothered to check to see if he was bleeding out or already dead. If he hadn’t been wearing the Kevlar he’d be dead, as it was he’d have a horrible bruise and he was sure several broken ribs.

But he had what he needed. Proof that Zara’s father was involved in drug trafficking, and that he intended to set up his daughter’s death to look like it had been committed by Adam’s hand.

Well that wasn’t happening.

Staying low in case they were still out there, he crawled to Zara. A large puddle of blood ringed her body, but when he touched his fingertips to her throat he felt a pulse.

“Don’t give up on me, Zara,” he begged as he ripped off his shirt and held it to the wound in her chest.

“Adam?” She blinked groggily up at him. “Thought you were dead.”

“I’m not that easy to kill,” he said, forcing a smile.

She smiled back briefly before it faded. “You have to go. He’s going to set you up.”

“Heard everything,” he told her.

“But you were shot.”

“Kevlar, remember?”

From the looks of things Zara fought to stay awake, but she nodded. “Forgot about that.”

“Too bad you weren’t wearing one,” he murmured. “We have to get out of here.”

“Too late for me, you go,” Zara murmured, pushing weakly at him.

“Uh uh,” he shook his head adamantly. “We’re both getting out of here.”

Adam retrieved his weapon and then unpacked his backpack, grabbing his first aid kit. He had to try to stop the bleeding before they both got out of here.

By the time he was done Zara had passed out, but she was still breathing, so he had to hope there was a chance he wasn’t about to lose her. Putting his backpack back on he scooped up an unconscious Zara and headed for the back window.

He’d just climbed through it when the cabin exploded.

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