Week 251 – There’s no way out

There’s no way out.

That was the first thought Zara had as Adam crumpled to the floor.

How was she going to get both of them out of here alive?

Her father wasn’t going to give her any special treatment just because she was his daughter, she was in just as much danger as Adam was. While it was true she had found evidence to suggest that her father was involved in something illegal, probably trafficking drugs, she had no idea of the connection to Adam.

A coincidence that was going to get them both killed.

A man she hadn’t seen before stepped out into view and eyed Adam’s body. “What do you want to do with him?”

“Leave him. We’ll set the scene to look like he shot her at the house, she ran here, he followed, she got a shot off at him before the cabin exploded,” her father said like she was nothing. “We intended to set up the murder suicide at the house but here will work just as well. Since he blew up the cars we’ll have to get remove ours, bring his in. Then we set the cabin to explode so it makes sense when they find pieces of car blown about.”

Her father’s words were said without any emotion and it really hit Zara just how little she meant to him. She’d always known it but she hadn’t realised he could be this vicious and ruthless.

“What are you going to do with her?” the man asked with a nod at her.

“This.” With that one word her father plunged the knife into her chest and tossed her body aside like trash.

Then he and the other man turned and walked out the door, leaving her to bleed out alongside Adam’s already dead body.

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