Week 314 – What happened to you?

“What happened to you?” Maisie demanded, if Match thought she was the same sweet, timid, eager to please girl she’d been when he knew her he was sorely mistaken .

This Maisie had had enough of people walking out on her.

Match was just another person to abandon her. Left by her parents behind a dumpster when she was seven months old, Maisie had bounced around the foster system never finding a stable home. She thought she had found one with Match. He could be a hard man, a cold one, but he had always been so sweet and gentle with her. Although he’d never mentioned his job she believed he had been in the military and then joined some branch of law enforcement but he would never tell her what.

Obviously she had been wrong.

The man she had stupidly fallen in love with was nothing but a low life criminal.

Tipping his head he studied her from soulless blue eyes. “Life.”

His answer to her question only fuelled her rage. “Life sucks, doesn’t mean you get to hurt people. Now tell me where my son is.”

“Our son.”

“My son,” she corrected. “You gave up all rights to Milo when you walked away from us.”

Something passed through his eyes but it was gone before she could identify it.

“If you hurt my baby I will kill you.” Maisie didn’t care how ridiculous her threat sounded. Match might have ten years, more experience, almost two feet, over a hundred pounds on her, and have her tied to a bed but her inner mama bear was out in full force.

“The boy is fine.”

“That doesn’t tell me anything. He must be terrified, you kidnapped us.”

“Can’t steal what already belongs to you.”

Maisie scoffed. “We don’t belong to you.”

“What are you willing to do for access to the kid?” Match asked, his gaze trailing over her body lighting a fire everywhere it touched. Only now the fire wasn’t one of desire like it used to be. This was no longer the man who fulfilled all her fantasies, who made her feel safe and protected.

Now he was her enemy.

Her answer came without hesitation. “Anything.”

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