Week 315 – If I cut your ties, will you behave?

Pure determination filled the green eyes that glowered up at him.

One of the things Match had always loved the most about Maisie was her compliance, her willingness to please, to do whatever he told her. But this new Maisie was a complete turn on.

He wanted her.


She would give him her body if it meant he let her see the boy. But it wasn’t enough.

He wanted all of her.

Wanted to regain her compliance, and even though she would never believe it, her trust.

And her heart.

Maisie had always been his biggest weakness and somehow someone had found out about her. He protected what was his. Five years ago he’d left because it was the only way to keep Maisie safe, now he was back because things had changed and he wouldn’t allow the woman he loved to pay the price for his sins.

“If I cut your ties, will you behave?” he asked, pulling out a knife.

There was no flinch, only pure anger and rage. “Yes.”

It was an obvious lie but he didn’t call her on it. Instead he took her hand, brushing the pad of his thumb across the sensitive skin on the inside of her wrist. Despite her obvious hatred of him heat flared in her eyes.

Good to know she was still attracted to him.

Cutting free her wrist he gripped her hips and dragged her up and onto his lap, grinding her centre against his rock hard length. Capturing her lips he kissed her roughly, hot and hard, claiming what had always belonged to him.

Maisie didn’t fight him but neither did she actively participate in the kiss.

Still be the time he lifted her again and set her on her feet before him they were broth breathing heavy.

“Boy is in the room down the hall,” he told her. When she gave herself to her it would be because she wanted him, not because he forced her. Match might not be a good man but he loved this woman and he wouldn’t take something from her that she didn’t want to give.

Besides, he already knew that given enough time Maisie would surrender to him once again.

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