Week 317 – Maisie stared at him, indignantly, not believing the words coming from his mouth.

Instead of the gratefulness he expected at his admission that he loved her enough to let her go, and to put himself in more danger by coming back for her and their child, she merely scoffed.

Maisie stared at him, indignantly, not believing the words coming from his mouth.

How dare she.

Match shook her again, irritated now but his new Maisie who wouldn’t bend to his will.

Even though he likely had hurt her she didn’t cry or beg him to let her go, merely hung limply in his hold until he set her on her feet.

As soon as he released her she was off down the hall no doubt searching for their son. It was unfair to blame her for him not knowing she was pregnant when he’d left her with no way to contact him, and he wasn’t really angry with her anymore.

Following after her, he found both his woman and his son in the kitchen. Milo was sitting in a chair at the table basically vibrating with excitement, and Maisie was bustling about, removing the pizza from the oven and pouring Milo a glass of water.

It was all so domestic, so different from anything he had experienced before.

Maisie had done a good job with their boy, and Match felt regret not just for all that he had missed out on but that these two, the closest things he’d ever had to a real family, were in danger because of him.

He was the worst thing to ever happen to either of them.

“Aren’t you going to dish me up a slice?” he asked as he strode towards the table.

The venom in the glare his sweet girl shot him made him smirk. This Maisie was everything. Sassy and strong, with a backbone he couldn’t wait to bend, and a submissive side that hadn’t disappeared despite her new found strength. He knew that because even though she glared at him she automatically moved to get him a plate.

“We’re leaving after dinner,” Maisie said as she dropped a plate down in front of him.

“No, you’re not.” This wasn’t up for debate, he couldn’t protect them if they weren’t here.

“You can’t keep us here. I have work in the morning, and Milo has school,” Maisie threw another adorable glare his way.

“I already called in sick for you, and I told the boy’s school that you were taking him on a vacation.”

“You did what?” Maisie sputtered.

“We’re going on vacation?” Milo asked at the same time.

“No, we’re not,” Maisie told her son making him pout. “Attitude improvement, Milo.”

Immediately the little boy wiped the pout off his face. “Sorry, Mama,” he said then picked up his pizza again.

Snagging a hold on Maisie’s wrist he tugged until he pulled her down onto his lap. She squirmed but all it did was turn him on more, but with their son in the room she couldn’t fight him off because he knew she didn’t want to scare the boy.

“You’re not going anywhere, babe. You’re mine and you know it. Always have been always will be. The boy as well. So get any ideas of leaving our of your pretty blonde head, because I am never letting you go.”

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