Week 318 – All of a sudden all hell broke loose

Was there a more infuriating person on the planet?

Maisie believed not.

That Match could say something as ridiculous as she belonged to him and always had was laughable. You didn’t walk away from those you loved and she wasn’t buying his whole martyr routine.

He’d left because he chose to, wanted to, simple as that.

“Don’t believe me, babe?” he asked, cocking his too handsome head to the side.

“Yeah, I totally believe the man I loved who broke my heart, no brainer for sure,” she scoffed.

Instead of getting annoyed a huge grin broke out and he smirked. “See, babe, I knew you loved me.”

“Loved,” she emphasised. “As in past tense not present.”

Something flitted through his eyes but it was gone before she could distinguish it. Still Maisie for the impression that she’d hurt his feelings somehow.


This man didn’t have feelings to hurt.

“You’re not leaving, babe, get used to the idea,” he said as he lifted her and set her on the floor beside him. Not before his large hands kneaded her backside making a small moan tumble from her lips and her hips rock subconsciously towards him.

Match smirked again. Knowing her body still reacted to his.

Definitely most annoying person ever.

What he didn’t understand was there was a difference between attraction and love. Maybe she was still attracted to him but his decision to leave as he had destroyed the love she’d once had.

“You can’t keep us prisoner,” she said as she moved around the kitchen, fussing about, needing to do something before she lost her mind.

“Not handing you over to a monster, babydoll.”

“Mama, said there’s no such thing as monsters,” Milo piped up.

“Course there isn’t, sweet pea,” Maisie said quickly before Match could say something completely inappropriate for a four year old.

“What your Mommy means-“

“Don’t interpret for me,” she snapped.

“Don’t go getting your panties all in a twist, all I was going to say was …”

Before he could continue, glass exploded around them as all of a sudden all hell broke loose.

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