Week 322 – Match made it to the car and went back for Maisie

Her heart broke as she watched the car speed away, but at the same time Maisie felt a sense of peace.

Didn’t mean she wasn’t absolutely terrified, because she totally was, but the most important thing was her little boy was safe.

She could endure whatever came next safe in that knowledge.

It would be wonderful if this was a book or a movie. If it was then Match made it to the car and went back for Maisie and all three of them would have gotten away. But this wasn’t a story, this was real life, and real life didn’t always have happy endings.

There was no happy ending for her. She knew that. She’d just seen her sweet baby boy for the last time. She wouldn’t be there to watch him grow up, wouldn’t see him start school or graduate, go to college or get married. Would never get to hold his children in her arms and spoil them rotten.

But he would get to do all those things, and she would gladly give her life to ensure he held onto his.

And shockingly enough she believed Match would be a good father to their son. Love Milo like he deserved, teach him right from wrong, and always be there for him.

Feet pounded across the pavement and a moment later she was surrounded by a whole bunch of men with guns.

Maybe if she wasn’t sprawled on the road, pain throbbing through her thigh, down to her foot and up into her back, she might be able to figure out how many of them there were, but in the end it didn’t matter. Even if there were two she would be outnumbered. And injured, untrained, and weaponless she didn’t stand a chance against even a single attacker.

They were talking to one another but Maisie couldn’t make out the words past the rushing of her pulse echoing through her ears. Rough hands reached down and grabbed her and she was dragged over to a van which came speeding down the road and screeched to a stop beside them.

When they literally picked her up and threw her inside she sailed through the air and landed with such force that she cried as the pain in her leg increased until it was a burning hot agony that engulfed every cell in her body. The door of the van was slammed closed and left alone in the dark Maisie began to sob and pray for strength to get through what was coming, or if God was merciful to her a quick death.

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