Week 330 – This is ridiculous


Her brain continued to issue the command but for some reason her mouth wasn’t catching on.

Clover knew what Hunky Horror was going to do when he got her to wherever it was he was taking her. She’d felt it against her stomach when he pulled her up against his body.

Yet …

Call her crazy-and she had been called crazy more than once in her life-she didn’t get the vibe from him.

Yep, definitely crazy.


Once again her mouth refused to obey the order and she just hung there over Hunky Horror’s shoulder as he ran with her through the large building.

“This is ridiculous,” she muttered.

“I’ll put you down if you’re going to run with me and not fight against me,” Hunky Horror told her.

Anything was better than bouncing on his shoulder with it digging painfully into her stomach. “Fine,” she huffed.

“Promise me,” he said stopped but not setting her down.

Darn. If she made a promise she’d have to stick to it. It was her own personal promise to herself. She would never break promises because she knew how it felt to be on the receiving end.

“Are you going to … you know … hurt me?” she asked. It was stupid to ask, as if he had to tell her the truth. Yet somehow she sensed that he would.

Hunky Horror set her on her feet, his ice blue eyes softer than she’d seen them, and he didn’t look away, meeting and holding her gaze. “No. I’m not going to hurt you.”

Bravado fading for a moment, her voice trembled when she spoke. “Do you p-promise?”

“Yeah, Lucky, I promise,” he told her without breaking eye contact.

It was stupid to believe him but she did.

Maybe fear was making her lose her mind.

Taking her hand in a firm but gentle hold, Hunky Horror urged her to follow him. “Come on, Lucky. Let’s get you out of here before someone without my sense of honour sees you.”

As she followed along behind him, Clover wondered why on earth this man would care enough about her to try to help her escape. Nothing about him made sense and she loved unpacking puzzles until they made sense.

She’d figure him out one way or the other.

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