Week 329 – Silence

Freeze couldn’t believe it had come to this.

Almost two years of hard work down the drain and all because of one too sassy, too brave, too beautiful doctor.

It was crazy, and his guys weren’t going to be pleased with him, throwing away everything they had been working towards was insane, but right now he didn’t see any other choice.

Letting Clover suffer unspeakable horrors and then lose her life wasn’t an option.

Slipping silently down the corridor he pulled out the key to the room where he’d locked her earlier. She probably thought it was to keep her under control as she awaited her punishment for failing to save Moreno’s son but in reality he’d locked her in there to keep her safe. No one else knew where he’d put her and he was the only one with the key.

Unlocking the door he stood for a moment.


The room felt empty yet he knew there was no way out except through the door he’d just unlocked.


No answer.

“Its Hunky Horror,” he said, smirking as he called himself by the nickname he’d heard her muttering under her breath.

“Its rude to listen in on people’s private thoughts,” came the huffy reply.

“Then maybe you ought to keep those thoughts inside your pretty little head,” he shot back, his grin growing. Bantering with the doctor was a distraction he didn’t have time for and yet he couldn’t seem to help himself.

“I think I picked the right name for you,” she sassed.

Freeze threw back his head and laughed. She was something else this woman. Keeping her alive was worth risking everything. And if he was careful maybe he could get her out without anyone realising who he really was.

“We have to go,” he said, reaching out to her shadowy form and snagging her wrist.

“I’m not going anywhere with you.”

When she tried to pull away he tightened his hold. He didn’t want to hurt her but he would if that was what it took. Just because he was saving her life didn’t make him a good man.

“Not arguing with you about it, Lucky. We can do it the easy way or the hard way. You’re choice.”

“Why are you calling me Lucky?”

“Thats what you’re focusing on?”

The shadowy figure shrugged. “I know why I call you Hunky Horror, I want to know why you’re calling me Lucky.”

“Lucky clover,” he explained. It was stupid but he felt something lucky about this woman. Maybe saving her was the key to his own redemption.

This wasn’t the time to get into that.

And since the doctor was of course being stubborn, he tugged on her wrist, yanking her until she was flush up against him.

Clover’s breathing hitched, her eyes grew wide, and he knew there was no way she could miss the evidence of his attraction to her.

Without giving her a chance to panic, draw everyone’s attention, Freeze bent, plowed his shoulder into her stomach and lifted her. As he took off through the dark building, heading towards a little used exit, he hoped the risk he was taking was worth it.

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