Week 337 – Why jump isn’t that the police

They hit the water with a muted splash that thankfully wouldn’t be heard over the found of the sirens. If they moved quickly they could probably get far enough away that it would be hard for the cops to find them. The fact that both their boars were still there was a giveaway multiple people had fled the yacht. Black was banking on the cops believing that whoever the other boats belonged to had been slaughtered along with everyone else.

The second their heads broke the surface Emma was spluttering and attempting to yank her arm from his grasp. “Why jump isn’t that the police?” she demanded, sounding equal parts angry and confused.

“Don’t trust them,” he said simply. “Gut says something isn’t right. I always trust my gut.” Completely true, his gut had kept him alive more times than he could count, and he wasn’t going to discount it now.

“That makes zero sense. Let’s just go back there and tell them we don’t know anything, then we can go.” She sounded nervous but he wasn’t sure if it was just that he’d made her jump into the ocean or if it was something else.

“We’re not going back on that boat. And you’re not telling anyone you’re involved in this mess until I have a better idea of what’s going on.”

Call him arrogant, call him controlling, call him crazy if you wanted but he wasn’t doing anything until he knew what he’d unwittingly stumbled onto tonight and neither was Emma.

Rather than argue the point, he simply gripped her bicep in a hold she had no hope of breaking and dragged her along with him as he swam away from the boats.

The little fiery redhead didn’t make it easy on him, she fought him every step of the way, she was just too small to do any good.

He had no idea how long he swam, towing Emma along with him, but eventually he felt content that he’d put enough distance between them and the yacht for now.

Obviously he’d been swimming longer than he’d realised because now that he was stopped he could see the first hints of dawn lightening the sky. He wasn’t the only one who saw it, Emma did too and her entire body went absolutely rigid.

“What have you done?” she whispered, sounding completely horrified. “You’ve just signed my death warrant.”

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