Week 342 – He whispered what happened to you

Why was she floating?

If Alannah had the strength she was try to figure it out but honestly right now just breathing was about all she could handle.

He whispered, “What happened to you” a voice whispered in her ear as she was set down on something soft. “Hold on, angel. I’m going to get you help.”



Because that would be so easy.

Someone had shot at her today. Not just at her, they’d hit her. And then when she’d been trying to drive herself to the hospital they’d blown up her car.

She should be dead.

Alannah knew they without a shadow of a doubt.

Afraid, she’d called on her fiancé’s old friends because she was sure, although she had no idea why, that it was the safest bet for her. Safer than going to the cops.

They knew about Wilson.

Knew he was only pretending to be dead.

They had to because this was where they had told her to go. Now that she thought about it they hadn’t seemed all that shocked to find out she was in danger. Worried yes but surprised no.

Seemed Wilson had no problem with his friends knowing he was alive, just hadn’t wanted the woman he had proposed to, who he proclaimed to love to know.

That hurt worse than the gunshot wound for sure.

“Lani, you have cuts and bruises everywhere,” Wilson’s dismayed voice said, and she realised he was stripping off her clothes.

Seemed Mr. Observant wasn’t so observant these days. She had always wished she could see every little detail like he did, he missed nothing and it was one of the things she had loved most about him, he had been so attentive to her needs and emotions. Now she wished it more than ever, maybe then she would have seen that he’d been lying to her.

“Cuts and bruises happen when you get blown up,” she mumbled, aware that at any second she was going to pass out completely, and Alannah no longer felt safe in Wilson’s presence. “I have a feeling I have you to thank for being shot and blown up.”

Wilson’s unusual pale eyes filled with remorse and she knew she was right.

When a fresh wave of pain washed over her she didn’t bother fighting it, just let it pull her under and succumb to the peaceful darkness.

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