Week 343 – I screwed up big time

Aware of a presence behind him White didn’t look away from the still woman lying in his bed. The woman who should be his wife already, sharing his life, maybe raising their kids together.

Instead he’d hurt her worse than anything else ever could. And now she had been shot and blown up because of him.

Despite his best efforts to protect her she’d wound up being almost killed because of him anyway.

“I screwed up big time,” he muttered.

“Sure did,” one of the three men standing behind him agreed.

“Why did you send her here?” he growled. White was both relieved to have Alannah back in his life even if she hated him, and terrified that he was only going to make things worse and convinced it would have been better if she continued to believe he was dead.

“It’s too late to pretend we can protect her from this. She needs to know the truth and we’re the best people to protect her.”

“She hates me.” Knowing that destroyed him. If Alannah thought that it had been easy for him to stay away from her for three years, to let her believe he had been killed then she couldn’t be more wrong.

“She loves you, but she doesn’t understand. You need to tell her everything.”

Problem was telling her everything could be the last shove Alannah needed to shove him out of her life for good.

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