Week 344 – When did her life fall into such chaos and betrayal?

Alannah felt like she’d been hit by a truck.

Which actually wasn’t all that far away from the truth.

Still the pain was a little muted and she felt warm and comfortable, almost like she was cocooned in a bed. But last she remembered she’d been on a couch in Wilson’s living room. Why would he bother putting her in a bed when he couldn’t even be bothered turning up to their wedding?

“You waking up, Lani?” a voice asked softly and a hand smoothed her hair.

It sounded like Wilson but again she didn’t understand why he would be gentle with her, or why he would care about her at all.

“Come on, Lani, wake up for me.” The hand smoothing her hair moved to palm her cheek, fingers impossibly gentle as they caressed her skin.

It was her desire to get away from Wilson’s touch than anything else that had had her forcing open her eyes to find she was indeed in a bed. Worse, the room looked like it belonged to Wilson. The last place she wanted to be right now was in Wilson’s bead.

Although if you’d asked her that just a few hours ago she would have given anything to be right here.

Things had changed though, now that she knew he was alive and had allowed her to spend three years grieving him.

He was sitting on the edge of the bed beside her, behind him she could see the three men she had allowed to comfort her these last horrible years. Men who she now knew had known all along she was grieving a man who wasn’t dead.

When did her life fall into such chaos and betrayal?

Before she could say anything Wilson grabbed her hand, tightening her hold when she tried to tug it free. “Please, Alannah, let me explain. I promise I’ll tell you everything, once you know I’m hoping you’ll understand why I did what I did.”

If he thought that Wilson was delusional.

There was nothing he could say that would change the fact that she now hated the man she had once loved with every fibre of her being.

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