Week 346 – Natasha arrived home to chaos

What was the gorgeous blonde doing here this late?

He’d been waiting around for the building to empty out before sneaking back in. No one was supposed to be here yet he’d heard the pretty granddaughter rifling through things from a mile away.

If she thought she had been being quiet she would be sorely disappointed to find out she had failed.

But why was she here?

And why had she had such a terrified expression on her face when she got into the lift?


Fear she’d almost been caught?

Wanting to know more, Tony abandoned his initial plans in favour of following the granddaughter. Bypassing the lift he took the stairs, reaching the ground floor just as Natasha Jenkins walked out the front door.

This night was cool and crips but not overly cold, and although it was late the nice early spring weather had a lot of people out. Tony had no trouble blending in as he followed Natasha as she walked on foot towards her house. The woman didn’t even look back, did she have no sense of preservation? She should know that she was being followed.

By the time they reached her cute little cottage, Tony was no closer to figuring out if Natasha was involved or completely innocent. Until he knew for sure which side she was on he’d have to sidle up to get, get close, earn her confidence, see what he could find out.

He watched for a moment as she headed inside, lights flickering on, but just as he was about to turn around and head back to the office, poke around for a while, the front door was flung open. The stunning blonde came running out like the building was on fire, he’d been in the game long enough to know that Natasha arrived home to chaos.

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