Week 347 – Hyperventilating

This could not be happening.

As Natasha ran out of her trashed apartment she was practically hyperventilating.

It wasn’t just that her beautiful little house, which she had worked so hard to make into a home, had been completely torn apart, it was that there was also what looked like blood streaking the walls.

Human blood?

She had no idea and she wasn’t going to hang around to find out. Nope. Not hanging around at all. Her plan was to get into her car, drive to the nearest police precinct and tell them everything she had found so far.

It was time to hand the investigation over to the experts.

They would either believe her or they wouldn’t, she couldn’t worry about that now. Not when her safety was being threatened. Besides with evidence that her house had been broken into and someone had left behind death threats written in blood they had to believe her.

Had to.

Because if they didn’t Natasha had no idea what she was going to do next.

Panicked and hyperventilating as she was, she wasn’t paying the least bit of attention to her surroundings, and when a huge body came out of nowhere, locking her a tight bear hug, she lost her window of opportunity to fight back.

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