Week 352 – My brother? This can’t be happening! Why?

Shocked blue eyes looked up at him.

If there hadn’t been so much confusion in her expression Tony might have doubted her, wondered if she was somehow mixed up in her brother’s mess.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. Brandon was kicked out when he was sixteen because he was getting into drugs and spending his days drinking rather than going to work. He was gone before my parents died, and he’s never worked at the family business. Even though he was supposed to be the heir he was skipped and I’m the one who’s going to take over when my grandfather retires. Brandon has never even worked there so he can’t be the one embezzling money.”

Natasha sounded so certain and he hated to be the one to burst her bubble.

“He can and he is, firecracker.”

“But … I don’t understand,” she said helplessly, rubbing at her temples as though fighting a headache. “You said Brandon is running some operation, something illegal since you’re an undercover cop. What’s he doing?”

Although she asked the question it sounded like she wasn’t sure she wanted to know the answer.

She didn’t.

But the wheels in his head were already turning. Having the sister on board would help his investigation tremendously, she might be able to get more out of Brandon than he could ever hope to.

“Your brother is running an underground prostitution ring,” he informed her. “Using underage girls and trafficked women.”

Natasha’s blue eyes grew as round as saucers, and her mouth dropped open in horrified shock. “My brother? This can’t be happening! Why?”

That was a question he couldn’t answer. But he had one of his own he had to pose to her. “If you help me shut down his ring then maybe you can get the answer to that question.”

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