Week 351 – She looked up and said, “You.”

She looked up and said, “You.”

Natasha had been pretty sure it was the new guy Tony who had kidnapped her but actually seeing him standing in the doorway, and knowing he was the one who had done this to her, and to her family, was too much.

To think she’d actually had a crush on the man. He was the very definition of tall, dark, and handsome, the kind of body women dreamed about, and the cutest pair of dimples she’d ever seen.

“Why are you doing this?” she demanded, well tried to but she was still a little woozy from the drugs she’d been given. Her body did not tolerate medication well, so she wasn’t surprised she felt so bad.

“Why don’t you tell me that?” Tony said, lounging against the doorframe like he didn’t have a care in the world.

“So it is you,” she said, surprised by the disappointment she felt. She’d been attracted to Tony, if she hadn’t been so busy trying to figure out who was stealing money she might even have seen if he wanted to go on a date. Obviously she had terrible judge of character. “You’re the one stealing money from my grandfather’s company.”

Surprise flittered through his eyes and he straightened. All pretences of being laidback and relaxed vanished and he stalked towards her. “You better not lie to me, Natasha. Trust me it won’t go well for you if you do. Are you involved in?”

“Involved in what? Trying to figure out who’s embezzling money from the company I’m going to inherit when my grandfather steps down at the end of the year? Of course I am. As soon as I realised money was going missing I started looking into it.”

“Don’t think she’s in on it, T,” the other man said, appearing in the doorway behind Tony.

Rubbing at her temples in a vain attempt to get rid of the headache, she glared at both men. “In on what? I don’t understand why I’m here. You haven’t been at the company long enough to be there when the money first started going missing, so how are you involved?”

“I’m not,” Tony replied. “At least not in the way you think. I’m not stealing money from the company, but I was sent there to find proof of who was.”

“Find proof?” The drugs were making her brain a little slow at following what was going on.

“I’m an undercover cop, Natasha. I’m here to find proof of what your brother is doing so I can shut down his little operation.”

Her brother?

His operation?

What did any of that mean?

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