Week 354 – Yes he does

There was both denial and acceptance on Natasha’s face. She knew what he was saying was true but she didn’t want it to be.

“Someone trashed your house. Covered everything in blood,” Tony said softly, shoving down the rage he’d felt when he learned what had been left in Natasha’s home.

“How do you know that?”

“My partner.” He nodded at Garret who hovered in the doorway. “He went and checked out your place. I followed you home and when I saw you come running right back outside I knew something was wrong. Do you see how dangerous your brother is?”

She nodded but then shook her head. “I don’t know that he’s guilty.”

“Yes you do. He is. Yes he does have a legitimate job as a bartender, but his club is how he makes his money.”

Defeat and weariness filled her blue eyes, and she hung her head. “What do you want me to do?”


He’d just secured possibly the best asset his case could have, so why didn’t he feel happier about it?

Why did the thought of shoving Natasha, who was completely innocent, into the lion den’s feel him with such fear?

For months he’d been working this case with everything he had. This was personal to him, his cousin had been one of the victims, and he wanted this ring shut down. Thought he was prepared to do anything to make it happen.

Now, when he was so close, he wasn’t sure that that he was prepared to to risk anything.

Because when he sent her in to meet with her brother he was absolutely putting Natasha at risk.

Could he live with himself if she ended up another victim of her brother?

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