Week 355 – I need to catch up!

I need to catch up!

The thought kept running through Natasha’s mind as she tried to take in everything Tony was telling her. She was doing her best but it was so much information all at once, and most of it was about her brother’s crimes which made it even harder.

Overwhelmed as she Natasha knew she had to keep it together.

Lives were counting on her.

Which was a terrifying thought.

She had no idea if she could pull this off but her guess was she couldn’t. And when she messed up not only might she ruin Tony’s case but there would be girls, young women just like her, who would suffer the consequences.

It was a lot of pressure.

Too much pressure.

But she’d said she would do this so she had to.


Hands reached out and took hers and she turned from looking out the car window to face Tony who was sitting beside her in the back seat. They were heading to the bar where her brother worked as a bartender, and his partner was driving them while Tony ran through more and more intel with her.

“You got this. Okay?”

Mustering a smile, Natasha gave a shaky nod. “Yeah.”

“I mean it. You can do this, Natasha. I believe in you. And Garret and I are right out here. If anything goes wrong we’ll get you out, but nothing is going to go wrong. All you’re doing tonight is establishing a connection with your brother. Nothing more. I’m not asking you to solve this case for me, I just need your help getting an in with Brandon.”

It did help to know that Tony and Garret would be outside in the car the whole time she was in the bar.

Helped a little at least.

Bars weren’t her scene and she felt silly and uncomfortable in the skin tight black jeans, and v neck sweater that left little to the imagination. Tony had chosen the outfit, telling her she needed to look like she belonged in there. She got it, it was because they wanted men to hit on her, needed to use it as a cover so Tony could come in, spot her, and use that as a way to get closer to Brandon.

She got it but she didn’t like it.

This wasn’t her, she liked curling up in her comfy armchair at home, with a blanket and a mug of steaming tea, reading a book. She liked sweat pants and yoga pants and oversized hoodies.

Still if the last three days had taught her anything it was that her brother was a dangerous man and had to be stopped. If this was what she had to do to help that happen then she could suck it up.

The car parked at the back of the bar and Natasha dragged in a deep breath and climbed out.

Rounding the car Tony hooked a finger under her chin and nudged until she was looking up at him. “We’re right out here. Just do what we planned and everything will be okay. You got this.”

Then his head dipped and his lips pressed against hers in the steamiest kiss she’d ever been given.

When he stepped back and gave her a gentle push towards the bar, Natasha started walking but her mind was firmly stuck on that kiss and what it meant.

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