Week 358 – Her brother spoke with someone and said take her

This wasn’t the plan.

Why was Natasha going anywhere with her brother? She was supposed to wait for him to come up to the bar, strike up a conversation with her, give him an opportunity to make a connection with her brother.

So why were they leaving the bar?

Was he wrong about her?

Was she in on her brother’s ventures?

Was he walking into a trap?

Picking up the pace, Tony followed the two as they into a corridor. When he got a glimpse of Natasha’s face, at the raw fear on it he knew this wasn’t a set up on her part. It was clear she was petrified of her brother.

As she should be.

Before he could reach them the lights went out, shots began to fire throughout the bar and everything turned into chaos.

Glancing from the bar to the corridor Natasha and Brandon had gone down, Tony was torn. He wanted to see what was going on, do whatever he could to put an end to it, but his job was Brandon Jenkins.

Following after them he saw the door leading out into the alley swinging closed. As soon as he went out there he’d be exposed. He could cover, especially with everything going on in the bar, but it was a risk.

A risk he had to take.

Rushing forward he made it through the door and out into the dark night in time to hear that her brother spoke with someone and said take her. Then Natasha was shoved into the back of a black limousine which took off out of the parking lot.

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