Week 359 – Huh, well that went well, Natasha thought, now how to get out of this?

No, no, no, no, no!

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

It wasn’t supposed to happen!

Where was Tony?

He was supposed to be there.

He’d promised he would be there.

He’d told her she didn’t have to worry. That all she had to do was go into the bar, talk to her brother, make introductions between the two of them and that was it, he’d do the rest.

Only now Natasha was in a limo being driven away from the bar and her brother had told the man sitting in the back with her holding a huge gun to take care of her.

Not that she knew exactly what that meant.

Get rid of her permanently? As in like … kill her? Or get rid of her as in like … sell her? Everything Tony had told her about her brother swirled through her mind with sickening clarity.

Nothing had gone right and now she was trapped here, at her brother’s mercy, only she wasn’t sure he possessed any.

Huh, well that went well, Natasha thought, now how to get out of this?

Could she get out of it?

What did she know about dealing with people like this? She worked in an office all day, dealt with clients, dealt with employees, worked hard to be able to take over the business one day. This was so far out of her comfort zone she’d left the galaxy.

She had no idea how long they drove but when they pulled up outside a large industrial looking building Natasha knew however this ended it wasn’t good for her.

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