Week 363 – Natasha’s in shock at what she discovered

This wasn’t real.

It couldn’t be.

Surely she was just trapped in a nightmare and was going to wake up any second now.

Only Natasha knew that wasn’t what was happening.

This wasn’t a dream it was real.

All too real.

Natasha’s in shock at what she discovered. Talking to the other women in the basement, locked in their own dog cages she’d learned more about her brother than she could believe.

In fact if she wasn’t right here, experiencing it for herself then she wouldn’t have believed it.

But she was here. Along with four other women, the youngest was only fourteen, the oldest just nineteen. Girls. Just kids. Yet what they’d already suffered was horrific.

She was going to suffer those same things.

Hard as it was to accept it was true. Had to be. There was no way Brandon would have ordered her here if he was just going to let her go. He couldn’t. She knew too much.

Even though she hadn’t told the others, hadn’t wanted to get their hopes up, Natasha was clinging to the hope that Tony would come. He wouldn’t leave her to the wolves now that he had what he wanted. He’d come for her. He would.

He had to.

Footsteps on the stairs had her head whipping around. Her worst nightmare came into view and she shuddered and pressed back against her cage as her brother strolled over to stand before her.

“Hello, little sister,” he said with a wicked smile. “It’s time to begin your training. Turns out I already have a buyer lined up ready to take you as soon as you learn your new role in life.”

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